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LG300W Solar Panels for Cornwall property

LG300W Solar Panels for Cornwall property

20 year Return £18,000
Payback 8 years (12% return)
Cost £7,400
Bill Saving £300 p.a.
Income £600 p.a.
Carbon Offset N/A
SunPower panels

Return is calculated using combined bill savings and subsidy earnings. Bill savings are calculated using estimated energy usage and either the electricity price at the time of installation (1 July, 2014) or, for our heating products, the existing fuel type available to the property.

This Cornwall homeowner had recently purchased a property and refurbished it considerably when he approached EnergyMyWay looking to invest in Solar Panels to protect himself from continually rising electricity bills.

Our Cornwall solar panel experts visited the property to carry out a survey and advised that the tree in a neighbour’s garden should be removed to prevent the solar panels being shaded. We installed high-efficiency LG 300W modules as the roof had a limited area so we could achieve maximum yield from these high-performance panels. The customer was keen to invest in a manufacturer he was aware of for added peace of mind, as well as securing a long-term healthy return from the Feed-in Tariff.