Ground mounted solar panels for modern and environmentally friendly gardens

Ground mounted solar panels for modern and environmentally friendly gardens

20 year Return £22,000
Payback 7 years (14% return)
Cost £7,000 - £10,000
Bill Saving £500 p.a.
Income £600 p.a.
Carbon Offset 2,000 Kg p.a.
Coreopsis from The Garden House, Saxby

Return is calculated using combined bill savings and subsidy earnings. Bill savings are calculated using estimated energy usage and either the electricity price at the time of installation (1 May, 2013) or, for our heating products, the existing fuel type available to the property.

The Garden House is a visitor garden situated in the village of Saxby and, whilst it has traditional elements, it is also a modern and innovative 21st Century garden. This innovation is also coupled with a particular awareness of the environment.

In the spring The Garden House decided to develop a new Mediterranean garden with a theme of heat and sunshine. The garden needed to be constructed in time for the forthcoming summer and in May of that year they looked to EnergyMyWay to provide them with an environmentally friendly and sustainable energy source for their new project.

The Garden House occupies an outstanding site, situated 21 meters above sea level on an exposed hillside with a south west facing perspective.

EnergyMyWay installed ground mounted 4 kWp 16 Romag Mono solar panels on the site which will offset more than 2 tonnes of carbon a year and deliver over £1,000 in bill savings and income from the Feed-in Tariff.

The garden is a popular visitor attraction and so it was particularly important to pay attention to the aesthetics of the project as well as the practicalities. The owner was extremely pleased with the service, the panels themselves and the interest they generated from visitors.