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Air Source Heat Pump installed by Cornwall Office

Air Source Heat Pump installed by Cornwall Office

7 year Return £12,600
Payback 7 years (14% return)
Cost £12,500
Bill Saving £300 p.a.
Income £1,500 p.a.
Carbon Offset 6,000 Kg p.a.

Return is calculated using combined bill savings and subsidy earnings. Bill savings are calculated using estimated energy usage and either the electricity price at the time of installation (17 July, 2014) or, for our heating products, the existing fuel type available to the property.

The customer wanted to stop paying large heating (oil) bills and take advantage of the recently introduced Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive. They already had a Solar PV installation installed by EnergyMyWay 3 years ago and wanted to utilise the electricity they were generating from their PV installation.

As the property was well insulated and recently constructed it was suited to being heated by an Air Source Heat Pump. There was already a PV installation generating excess electricity and the property was heated by an oil fired central heating system. We carried out a full heat loss survey to make sure the property was suitable and to establish the correct size of heat pump required. From the heat loss survey we identified that a number of radiators would need to be upgraded. The customer now has a renewable heating system that will pay for itself and the ongoing running costs will be reduced because of the excess electricity he is generating from his Solar PV installation.