Tariffs and Incentives

Feed-In Tariff

The Feed-In Tariff scheme was launched on 6th April 2010. It is designed to incentivise investment in Solar PV, Wind Turbines and Hydro by providing a guaranteed long-term financial return.

There are three ways the government-backed Feed-In Tariff system can benefit you:

  • The Generation Tariff provides a minimum subsidy for every kWh of electricity your system produces. For Solar PV installations up to 4kWp in size, this is set at 4.11p from Janaury 2017
  • The Export Tariff can be earned by exporting excess electricity back to the National Grid. You can earn 4.95p for each kWh exported.
  • Savings on your energy bill through generating a significant amount of your electricity yourself.

Solar Panels on your property will substantially reduce your electricity bill. You will also earn a tax-free income from the Feed-in Tariff for 20 years. However, this is only guaranteed if you install before the end of the year, so act now, before it?s too late.

EnergyMyWay has installation availability across the UK but we are experiencing a high demand.

Please contact us urgently if you wish to have solar panels installed on your home and lock in 20 years of tax-free benefit, before the Feed-in Tariff cut

To qualify for the Feed-In Tariff scheme you need to use an MCS Accredited installer such as EnergyMyWay. We understand the benefits of the system and how it can work best for you.

Energy SourceScaleGeneration Tariff (p/kWh)[A]Duration (years)
Anaerobic digestion?250kW9.2120
Anaerobic digestion >250kW8.4220
Hydro >15 - 100kW14.43
Hydro >100kW - 500kW11.4020
Hydro >500kW - 2MW8.9120
Solar PV?4kW new[C]12.4720
Solar PV?4kW retrofit[C]12.4720
Solar PV>4 - 10kW11.3020
Solar PV>10 - 50kW11.3020
Solar PV>50kW - 150kW9.6320
Solar PV>150kW - 250kW9.2120
Solar PV>250kW - 5MW5.9420
Solar PVStandalone4.2820
Wind>1.5 - 15kW13.7320
Wind>15 - 100kW13.7320
Wind>100 - 500kW10.8520
Wind>500kW - 1.5MW5.8920
Wind>1.5MW - 5MW2.4920

Renewable Heat Premium Payment

Renewable installations that provide heating or heat hot water may qualify for the Renewable Heat Premium Payment (a one off payment to help reduce your capital outlay). This is provided they have been carried out by an MCS Accredited installer such as EnergyMyWay. The Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP) scheme is administered by the Energy Savings Trust. For more information about how to apply for the RHPP click here.

The value of the vouchers for those that qualify for the RHPP are in the table below:

ProductVoucher Value
Biomass Boiler£2,000
Ground Source Heat Pump£2,300
Air Source Heat Pump£1,300
Solar Thermal£600

The scheme is designed to incentivise investment in heat producing technologie such as Heat Pumps, Biomass Boilers and Solar Hot Water arrays. EnergyMyWay have knowledge and experience of all these systems. We understand the benefits and restrictions of each and can advise on the most appropriate system for your property.