Renewable Energy for Schools

Renewable Energy for Schools

Helping Acadamies, Independent and State Schools become more Energy Efficient

For schools up and down the country ever-growing energy bills are a major concern. Academies, independent and state schools need to respond to these increasing energy bills and carbon taxes. Thankfully the combination of Government grants and incentives, as well as school’s increased financial autonomy make money-saving sustainable energy an obvious solution.

EnergyMyWay offers schools a complete renewable energy and energy efficiency service. We have installed over 50 renewable energy projects in schools. We are also working with many more as the government is taking steps to encourage more green energy in schools.

Developing a strategy for long-term sustainability needs careful consideration, so how do you make sure you get it right?

An integrated energy strategy

Many schools are high energy users with hard-to-treat, unique buildings. There isn?t a one-size-fits-all answer to becoming more energy efficient for properties like this.  Our approach is a step-by-step process, working in partnership with you over a period of time.

We work closely with schools to reduce energy costs, helping you access government grants and funding by introducing renewable energy and energy efficient measures. An EnergyMyWay consultant can help you to:

  • Reduce the costs of space heating, lighting, electricity and hot water
  • Improve the energy efficiency of older buildings
  • Design new energy efficient developments
  • Plan for long term sustainability and carbon reduction

Energy efficiency and education

As well as an amazing money-saving scheme, there are many environmental and educational benefits to be gained from swapping to sustainable energy. Your school and your pupils can learn and save together. By linking your curriculum to your renewable energy solutions, be it Science, Maths or Geography ? your students can experience green technologies first hand by making your system a practical teaching aid.

Old school or new school?

We help Academies, Independent schools and States schools – whatever your budget we?re able to provide a solution for you. In fact, the more control your school has over its finances the more we can offer. Schools suffer from a variety of energy efficiency dilemmas. They can often be poorly insulated, with access difficulties, out-dated heating systems. But with financial aid and an experienced, independent energy consultant it becomes much simpler to install products that make a difference right away.

Our recent projects

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Start your journey now

We have local, accredited, trusted energy consultants based in 14 locations around the country, who will come to your school to assess the building, your unique requirements, and the costs and funding available to you.  It?s the first step on your school?s journey to cheaper bills, greener energy, and a sustainable future. Book a free survey