Feed-in Tariff

Government subsidies for generating renewable electricity

The Feed-in Tariff is a government scheme designed to accelerate the growth of renewable energy in the UK, by financially rewarding users of electricity-generating renewable technologies.

If you install  Solar Panels, which generate electricity from renewable sources, you are able to claim money from your energy supplier. You will be paid for 20 years, fixed at the Feed-in Tariff rate on the day your panels are commissioned. For homeowners, payments are tax-free.

A similar scheme has been introduced for renewable technologies generating heat: the Renewable Heat Incentive.

Once your renewable energy system is installed you are paid for every unit of electricity it generates, whether you consume it or export it back to the grid.

Your energy supplier will pay you at a fixed rate per unit (kWh) of electricity you generate. Rates are fixed by the UK Government?s Department for Energy and Climate Change and reviewed quarterly. The rate is fixed for you for the entire period of the scheme from the date your system is switched on. The Feed-in Tariff scheme is regulated by Ofgem.

Three ways you are rewarded for generating renewable electricity:

  1. Generation Tariff: Paid to the owner of the system for every unit of electricity it generates, whether you consume it or export it back to the grid
  2. Export Tariff: Paid to the owner of the system for excess electricity automatically exported back to the grid. For systems under 30kWp this is deemed to be 50%. Larger systems are monitored using an export meter
  3. Energy bill savings: The amount you save will vary depending on how much free renewable electricity you consume within your property

Technologies and rates

  • The tariff period (lifetime) is 20 years
  • Feed-in Tariff payments are tax-free for domestic customers and all rates are index linked.
  • The Export tariff for Solar PV is currently 4.91p/kWh
  • The following rates are based on an energy efficiency score of D or higher based on your property?s EPC report
Size of Solar PV systemRates from 1st October 2018

How to claim Feed-in Tariff payments

  1. You must use an MCS accredited installer to carry out your installation
  2. We will commission your system, register it on the MCS database and issue an MCS certificate
  3. Your application form, together with your MCS certificate is sent to your energy provider
  4. Your energy provider will require a quarterly meter reading to verify your Feed-in Tariff payments

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