Solar Power Battery Backup System

If you want to maximise the use of the electricity your Solar PV system generates then you could consider using a solar power battery backup  system.  We are distributors and installers of the PowerRouter which is a system which stores the electricity you generate but don’t use during the day so that when the sun goes down you use the electricity which has been stored in the batteries rather than drawing the electricity from the grid.

This Solar Power Battery Backup System is ideal for those who don’t consume much electricity during the day and want to store the electricity they do generate rather than export it to the grid.  The PowerRouter Solar Power Battery Backup system can be retro fitted, but your existing inverter will need to be changed for a PowerRouter inverter to be compatible with the battery management system.




With a Solar Power Battery Backup system you use more of the electricity you generate.  The greater the self use of the electricity which is generated by your Solar PV system the lower your electricity bill will be.

A 4kWp Solar PV system will produce approximately 3434kWh of electricity per annum.  If you were to buy this electricity from your energy supplier at 14p / kWh it would cost you £480 therefore you can potentially reduce your bills by this amount, however in reality we expect you to only reduce your bills by approx. £330 – £380 p.a.  As electricity prices increase so will your bill savings if you are using a Solar Power Battery Backup system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Solar Power Battery Backup System?

A Solar PV Power Battery Backup System is a system where the electricity you would normally export back to the grid is stored in several deep cycle DC batteries. When you need to use more electricity than you are generating, the electricity that is stored in the batteries is then used to power your house. This reduces the amount of electricity you use from the grid.

How long will the batteries last in a Solar PV Battery System?

It all depends on how often the batteries are discharged and if they are allowed to discharge completely. We recommend only discharging the batteries 50%. At this rate they will do 300 cycles p.a. and should last between 5 and 8 years. The variance will depend on how much you use the batteries, which – in turn – will vary depending on your electricity consumption patterns in your home. The battery management software allows you to control and manage the batteries’ usage.

How expensive are the batteries for a Solar PV Battery Storage System?

Currently batteries are very expensive. They are several hundred pounds each depending on the size and number of batteries required. The batteries for a 4kWp Solar PV System will cost approximately £800. However, you can get cheaper as well more expensive batteries.

I already have a Solar PV System – Can I fit a Battery Storage System to it?

Yes, you can fit a Solar PV Battery Storage System to an existing Solar PV system. However, you will need to change the inverter to the PowerRouter inverter as this contains the battery management software which is essential for the system to work effectively.

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