Hot Water Heat Pumps

A Hot Water Heat Pump combines an Air Source Heat Pump and water cylinder in a truly innovative way and provides all your hot water needs. EnergyMyWay supply and install the Ecocent unit which draws in the moist damp air from the bathroom, strips the heat out of the air, which is then used to create hot water. There is a waste exhaust of cool air which can be vented outside of the property or ducted to spaces where cooling may be required such as larders, sun rooms or beer cellars.

A Hot Water Heat Pump provides mains pressure hot water for your home that can produce over 1,000 litres a day with energy savings of up to 75%.    Hot Water Heat Pumps are very competitively priced and easily fits in an existing airing cupboard space. Air is drawn in to the top of the unit, heat energy is extracted (even cold air has energy) and transferred to the water. Optional flexible ducts can lead to your roof space or any large indoor area, like a double garage, to maximize the use of latent heat sources.  Cooler, dehumidified air is expelled and can be used to cool areas such as kitchens, bakeries etc. (or pushed outside or back into the roof space). The process guarantees very low running costs. The unit can run during the daytime to take advantage of warmer air and has programmable functions and timers.

Financial Incentives for Hot Water Heat Pumps

Currently hot water heat pumps do not receive any funding from the governments Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme. However they do make economic sense reducing a typical families hot water bill from £240 p.a. to £100 p.a.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Hot Water Heat Pump expensive to run?

A Hot Water Heat Pump is much cheaper to run than either gas, oil, LPG or electric hot water heating systems. Up to 75% cheaper.

What’s involved in installing a Hot Water Heat Pump?

In order to install a Hot Water Heat Pump we would need to remove your existing hot water cylinder, if you have one, and replace it with an Ecocent. We would then need to run an air duct from your bathroom (you can take warm air from other rooms in the property) to the Ecocent unit as well as an exhaust air vent either to a room which may require cooling or to the outside.

How much room does a Hot Water Heat Pump take up?

The 200 litre Ecocent unit is slightly taller than a traditional 190 litre hot water cylinder. The units come in a variety of sizes from a compact 100 litre unit to a 300 litre unit.

Will a Hot Water Heat Pump provide all our hot water needs?

A Hot Water Heat Pump will provide all your hot water needs, however there may be some limitations if you use a lot of hot water all at once i.e. if you run 4 consecutive baths the unit will not have time to reheat the water so by the time you’re running your third bath the water will be cold. It will take several hours to reheat the water if you empty the cylinder of water completly. Typically, it will heat 60 litres of water per hour.

Will the Hot Water Heat Pump raise the water temperature high enough?

A Hot Water Heat Pump will heat the water to 45 – 55ºC which is suitable for domestic hot water. Once a week an immersion heater will come on to raise the temperature above 65ºC as a health and safety feature which prevents the growth of bacteria.

Can the Ecocent be used for space heating as well as hot water?

The Ecocent is also capable of delivering space heating for small houses or apartments. This can be done by using the secondary coil within the unit to deliver heat to a heating system. This extremely versatile unit will deliver savings of up to 70% when used for suitable space heating applications.

Solar PV and hot water heat pump reduce guest house energy bills

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Product type: Hot Water Heat Pumps Solar PV (Photovoltaic)
User type: Business customer
The Loudor Guest House in Lincolnshire now benefit from almost non-existent gas bills and continuous hot water for guests. Their new Solar PV and hot water heat pump installation has provided them with sustainable, cheaper energy to enable them to expand their guest house.
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Hot water heat pump and Solar PV solve energy needs of education centre

University of Lincoln
Product type: Hot Water Heat Pumps Solar PV (Photovoltaic)
User type: Business customer
The Education Centre in Holbeach is a service office for Lincolnshire County Council and also houses a food science testing area for the University of Lincoln. The varied needs and uses for this busy centre meant energy usage was high and so the centre's management approached EnergyMyWay to help them indentify and deliver a more cost effective solution.
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