Funding and Financing

Funding and Financing for Commercial Renewable Energy

For commercial renewable energy installations there are funding options to suit your budget and objectives. As the renewable energy market matures, new funding mechanisms are emerging. Contact us and we will advise you on the options available.

Power Purchase Agreement

The system is paid for by a private fund. As the owner of the property, you enter into an agreement with the funder to buy the renewable energy that is generated at a set rate. The fund owns the renewable energy system and claims subsidy rewards. Power Purchase Agreements can be used to fund Solar Photovoltaic systems or Biomass Boilers.

Lease Purchase Agreement

You lease the technology and can pay off your lease using the income you earn from government subsidies. After the lease is paid, you take ownership of the system.

Business Loan

You take ownership of the system from day one and pay back your loan over an agreed time period. Your bank may give you more preferential rates and terms than a lease purchase provider.

Client Funded

You pay in full at time of installation and can claim the government subsidy rewards for 20 years.

Cheaper billsLow CO2No CapexPaid monthlyPaid in fullSubsidy income
Power Purchase???
Lease Purchase????
Business Loan????
Client Funded????
For more information on the best way to fund your renewable energy installation call 0845 371 3181 or find your nearest office.