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Exhaust Air Heat Pumps

Recycling and reusing your waste heat

Simple, clever technology

An Exhaust Air Heat Pump extracts the heat you generate in your property and reuses it to heat your water.  This simple replacement for your hot water cylinder is a similar size and can draw the waste heat out of your bathroom or kitchen using Air Source Heat Pump technology.

All your hot water

  • Enough hot water for a family of 4 to 6
  • Heats water to 45 – 55°c
  • Direct replacement for a hot water cylinder
  • Costs as little as £100 a year

Exhaust Air Heat Pump

Recycling your waste heat

Simply by using your waste heat, one Exhaust Air Heat Pump can generate 130 litres of hot water per hour, equivalent to two baths or five or six showers.

Moist air from your shower or bath is extracted via a duct. The heat is then reused to heat your water and a waste exhaust directs cool air out of your property, or it can be redirected for cooling larders, sunrooms or beer cellars.

How Solar Hot Water works

Perfect with
Solar Panels

We recommend Exhaust Air Heat Pumps as as a complement to Solar Panels for optimum energy bill savings.

If you install Solar Panels on your roof you can use your solar energy to power your Exhaust Air Heat Pump, giving you all of your hot water for free. Exhaust Air Heat Pumps run on electricity and typically cost about £100 per year to run.

Sunpower Solar Panel

Fitted in 5 easy steps

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