Domestic Biomass Boilers

Heat your home for a fraction of the price of oil or LPG

Affordable, efficient, sustainable

Biomass Boilers burn wood pellets, logs or wood chips from sustainable sources and can satisfy all of your heating and hot water needs. We recommend a Biomass Boiler if you live in an older property, off the mains gas grid.

Biomass Boilers generate an income for you from the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive. The income you earn normally exceeds the cost of installation, so your boiler pays for itself while you enjoy long-term savings on the cost of fuel.

You’re better off with biomass

  • Between 10% – 30% cheaper than oil
  • More efficient than oil or gas
  • Sustainable and carbon neutral
  • Immune to fossil fuel price hikes

Wood pellets

Goodbye to soaring heating bills

Biomass Boilers may qualify for a grant payment under the new Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) contact EnergyMyWay for more details.

Domestic Biomass Boiler running costs and income

Annual subsidy income
Annual cost of fuel
Costs and incomes are based on a property requiring 28000 kWh of space and hot water heating.

How Biomass Boilers work

A Biomass Boiler works just like an oil or LPG boiler – it burns fuel to heat your water and your home. It will produce just as much heat as an equivalent oil or gas boiler but use a much cheaper, carbon-neutral fuel; such as wood pellets which are fed automatically into your boiler. Replacing your existing boiler is a straight-forward process and your new carbon-efficient boiler will require very little maintenance.

How Biomass Boilers work

Is biomass right for you?

Biomass Boilers are most suitable for owners of older properties with space and access for fuel delivery and storage. If you are currently using oil or LPG you will enjoy the largest savings, but biomass is also attractive to mains gas customers looking for a carbon-neutral solution.

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Proven Technology

Biomass Boilers are relatively new to the UK but have been used on the continent for decades. We only offer boilers with proven track records and all our boilers come with robust guarantees, so you can have absolute confidence in your boiler’s performance.

Froling Biomass Boiler

Fuel with a future

Biomass chips and pellets are delivered to your property by your fuel supplier and fed automatically into your fuel store, just like oil.

Biomass fuel is regenerated, meaning supply is reliable, unlike fossil fuels.

Prices have remained flat for five years whilst the biomass fuel industry has expanded considerably.

Biomass Boiler installation in action

Watch this short and informative film to see an EnergyMyWay Biomass Boiler installation taking place in a family home. Have your questions answered and hear from our customers about their experience with EnergyMyWay.

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