Commercial Solar Feed-in Tariff

Feed-in Tariff for commercial scale Solar

The Feed-in Tariff is a Government scheme designed to reward you for using Solar Panels to generate electricity for your business, by paying you for every unit of Solar electricity you generate.  Solar Panels installed by EnergyMyWay are paying returns of up to 15% from the Feed-in Tariff for our commercial customers.

Payments fixed for 20 years from date of installation

The government reviews the Feed-in Tariff rates every three months. Rates are fixed for you and guaranteed for 20 years from the date your system is commissioned.

Payments for every unit produced

Payments are made quarterly and you are rewarded for every unit of electricity your Solar panels produce, whether you use all your solar electricity in your business or sell any excess back to the grid.

How to stop paying and start earning from the Feed-in Tariff

  1. EnergyMyWay consultants carry out a free site survey and provide detailed recommendations
  2. Your Solar PV array is designed and installed by our MCS accredited installation team
  3. As well as instant bill savings from using cheaper fuel you are paid for every kW of electricity your Solar Panels generate
  4. You are paid quarterly every year for 20 years with rates fixed from the moment your Solar Panels are switched on

See the returns achieved from EnergyMyWay installed Solar PV Panels

Feed-in Tariff rates and income for Solar PV

Max. Size (kWp)Rate / kWhAnnual Benefit
Feed-in Tariff rates start from 1st January 2015 and are reviewed at the end of February 2015. Annual income is based on panels fitted on a south-facing roof in Oxfordshire, with no shading.

Is your property suitable for Solar Panels?

Most buildings are suitable for Solar Panels. Solar PV works in all weathers and performs well on South, East or West facing roofs, and on the ground. The Feed-in Tariff is paid to the owner of the building so organisations that stand to benefit most usually own their property and have high electricity demands.

Your local EnergyMyWay consultant will advise you.