Non-Domestic RHI

Renewable Heat Incentive for Commercial Biomass Boilers

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is a Government scheme designed to reward businesses that use Biomass for heating, with returns up to 30% and payback periods of just 4 to 5 years from EnergyMyWay-installed Biomass Boilers.

Renewable Heat Incentive payments are calculated on the size of your boiler and by metering the heat it produces. Once your Biomass Boiler is commissioned, you will be paid quarterly from the RHI, every year for 20 years, as well as immediate cheaper energy bills than oil or LPG.

Table of RHI rates for non-domestic Biomass Boilers

Your Biomass Boiler output will be metered and your RHI payments are split into two tiers. For the first 1,314 of run hours your system produces you are paid at the tier one rate. Over 1,314 run hours you are paid at the tier two rate.

Size of boilerTier 1 paymentsTier 2 payments
Less than 200kW3.76p / kW1p / kW
Between 200kW - 1,000kW5.8p / kW2.24p / kW
Larger than 1,000kW1p / kW1p/kW

Commercial Biomass Boiler running costs and income

Annual subsidy income
Annual cost of fuel
Data is based on a real installation. See our case study Wood chip boiler delivers a 19% ROI for a former cattle farm for more details.

How to claim the Renewable Heat Incentive

  • EnergyMyWay consultants carry out a survey and provide detailed recommendations
  • Your property’s energy efficiency is assessed to calculate RHI payments
  • Your Biomass Boiler is installed by our accredited team
  • As part of the commissioning process, we help you complete your RHI application
  • You will receive RHI payments, guaranteed for 20 years, index-linked

Does your business qualify for the Renewable Heat Incentive?

For a commercial property to qualify for the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive, your business must be registered at the address of the property and you must be paying business rates. Domestic schemes can also qualify for the Non-Domestic RHI if the Biomass Boiler is used to heat two or more domestic properties from one heat source. For domestic Biomass Boilers heating just one property, please refer to the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive.