Biomass Boilers

A biomass boiler can directly replace your current boiler, using wood pellets or chippings as the fuel source. Because the wood is derived from fast growing crops, which consume the CO2 produced during the combustion process, Biomass Boilers are rated as zero-carbon emitting.

Biomass fuel is widely available throughout the UK and Biomass Boilers are now being installed in homes and commercial properties as an obvious choice for an efficient, low-carbon alternative to a gas or oil-fired boiler.

Biomass Boilers for Commercial Properties

The most suitable properties, receiving the greatest benefits from installing a Biomass Boiler, are non-domestic properties, not connected to the mains gas grid.

This is simply because the source price of biomass fuel is up to 50% cheaper than the price of oil. Plus, on top of the considerable bill savings, non-domestic dwellings benefit from generous payments via the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), guaranteed for 20 years.

Financial benefits of a Biomass Boiler


Switching from Oil or LPG to a Biomass Boiler will save you £’000’s on your energy bill

If you are running your property (ies) on Oil or LPG, you will be in the grip of crippling and increasing fuel costs. Switching to Biomass can save you a staggering 30-50% on your heating bill.


You are now paid £000’s for using Biomass, via the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

Launched by the government to encourage businesses to make the shift to greener heating, the RHI will pay you for every kWh of heat generated by your Biomass Boiler.

Who qualifies for Renewable Heat Incentive Payments?

Both domestic and commercial property owners, landlords and self-builders now qualify for the RHI scheme.

Before accessing the RHI payments, we will need to ensure that you have undertaken a basic level of energy efficiency measures including loft insulation before your property is entitled to the RHI.  This is to ensure that the heat you generate from renewable energy is being used most efficiently in your property.

Every property is different which is why we always recommend we carry out a free survey of your property before recommending the right renewable energy technology and providing you with detailed pricing and returns.

Biomass Boiler Fuels

The Biomass Boilers we recommend are either wood pellet or wood chip boilers, as these can be fed automatically, usually a requirement from our commercial customers.

Costs and availability of Biomass Fuel

Biomass fuel is readily available from several suppliers in the UK, with the option to sign up for long-term fuel supply contracts at a fixed price.

Currently prices of Biomass fuel are  £200 – £220 per tonne, which equates to 4.3-5p per kWh of heat, around two thirds of the price of oil.

How Biomass Boiler fuel is delivered

A specialist vehicle is used to supply wood pellet Biomass Boiler fuel, equipped with fans to blow the pellets directly into your fuel store. The fuel can be blown up to 20m from the delivery vehicle. If you have difficult access routes, alternative mechanisms for fuel delivery are available.

The frequency of your Biomass Boiler fuel deliveries will depend on the size of your fuel store and your heat energy usage, with fewer deliveries resulting in lower delivery costs.

Space required for a Biomass Boiler and Fuel Storage

Commercial Biomass Boiler installations will require a plant room with a large dry area near the boiler for fuel storage. Your EnergyMyWay consultant will advise you on a suitable solution for your property (ies), whether it is making the most of an existing building or providing you with a bespoke Biomass Boiler fuel silo.

Maintenance required for Biomass Boilers

While fossil fueled boilers usually require an annual maintenance visit only, Biomass Boilers require only slightly more attention. Biomass Boilers burning even the most difficult of materials can operate unattended. You will need to remove ash periodically (monthly at most) and check the auto feed for the fuel is working.

Combining Biomass with your existing heating system

Biomass Boilers can be fitted into almost any existing heating system. You will not need a backup boiler as your Biomass Boiler will deliver 100% of your heating needs.

To find out more about the RHI or to arrange a free survey contact your local EnergyMyWay, or call 0845 371 3181 or


Renewable Heat Incentive for Commercial Biomass Boilers

FACT: The Renewable Heat Incentive for commercial use of Biomass Boilers completely WIPES OUT your heating costs.

What is the Renewable Heat Incentive?

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) pays you for every kWh of heat you generate from your Biomass Boiler. It is designed to encourage a national effort from business to reduce carbon emissions and remove our reliance on fossil fuel.

When you install a Biomass Boiler, the combination of your fuel savings and RHI payments mean that it’s possible to wipe out your heating bills AND make a profit.

This customer turned his energy bill into a cheque

EnergyMyWay will help you to access the Renewable Heat Incentive, here is a typical response from one of our customers.

“We are staggered! Where we once received a heating bill of £4,800, we now receive a cheque for £6,000 every quarter, and that’s guaranteed for 20 years. Installing a Biomass Boiler is the single best decision we have ever made for our business.”

Renewable Heat Incentive rates for COMMERCIAL Biomass Boilers

For non-domestic Biomass Boiler use, the RHI payments are split into two tiers. For the first 1,314 kW of heat your system produces you are paid at the tier one rate. Over 1,314 kW you are paid at the tier two rate.

Size of boiler
Tier 1 payments
Tier 2 payments
Less than 200kW8.4p / kW2.2p / kW
Between 200kW - 1,000kW5.1p / kW2.2p / kW
Larger than 1,000kW2p / kW2p/kW

Biomass Boiler compared with Oil Boiler – financial example

Bill savings
RHI earnings
Total over
20 years
70kW92,00050 tn£2,000£7,726£194,520
199kW260,000150 tn£8,700£21,840£610,800

Why is the Renewable Heat Incentive so generous?

The government is under pressure to reduce the UK’s carbon emissions by 2020. We are a long way behind target and could face unlimited EU fines. Heating from commercial properties plays a major part in our CO2 emissions. The government needs to give you every reason to switch to low carbon heating alternatives.

Financing your Biomass Boiler

Biomass Boilers are an energy efficient and cost effective way to heat your home or business. The good news is that there are different options available to help pay for your boiler, depending on the size of your property and your cash flow.

All of them offer savings and lowered energy bills, and EnergyMyWay can help you choose the one that makes the best financial sense for you, so that you can make the most this effective power source.

Buy Your Biomass Boiler Outright (home-owners and businesses)

If you have the funds to install a biomass boiler then your savings will be two-fold. Firstly, if you currently use oil or LPG, switching to Biomass could reduce your bills by a huge 40%. What’s more, with the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments you’ll get a substantial return on your investment, guaranteed for 20 years.

In most instances, your Renewable Heat Incentive payments, combined with your heating bill savings, will more than cover the lease payments. In effect you receive a boiler that costs you nothing for the period of the lease, after which you will continue to earn from the RHI for the remainder of the 20-year period.

  • Book a free survey and we’ll come and discuss how biomass could work with your property

Energy Efficiency Financing (businesses only)

Energy Efficiency Financing enables you to lease a boiler directly from us at EnergyMyWay. Your biomass boiler will significantly reduce your heating bills and earn you an income from the RHI, giving you enough profit each month to cover the costs of leasing the boiler.

As official partners of Siemens Financial Services and The Carbon Trust we can offer you this unique financing option that pays for itself – your RHI payments, combined with your heating bill savings will more than cover the lease. In effect you receive a boiler that costs you nothing for the period of the lease, after which you will continue to earn from the RHI for the remainder of the 20-year period.

Free Biomass Boilers with BCI (businesses and community groups)

With the support of Biomass Capital Investments, we can install an energy efficient commercial grade biomass boiler for free. Your organisation’s only expense will be the biomass pellets, which are currently around 40% cheaper than oil or LPG. You will also get the option to buy back your boiler after 6 years and start claiming your RHI payments as well. This initiative makes a great deal of financial sense – effectively giving you a brand-new boiler and reduced fuel bills with no initial outlay.

Whichever solution you choose, you will reap the rewards from this clean and low-cost heating solution with lowered bills and a brand new Biomass Boiler.

For free advice on any of these biomass options please contact your local EnergyMyWay regional director, email

Renewable Heat Incentive for DOMESTIC Biomass Boilers

The RHI tariff for domestic Biomass Boilers has been set at 12.2p/kWh, paid to you for a period of 7 years, tax-free and index linked.

Example Financial Returns from a DOMESTIC Biomass Boiler


This example demonstrates that your combination of bill savings and RHI payments will cover the cost of your Biomass Boiler over 7 years, after which you continue to enjoy cheaper bills and protection from future energy price hikes.


Any installation carried out now before the domestic RHI is available maybe eligible for a Premium Payment grant of £2000 towards your installation is available NOW to homeowners in England, Scotland and Wales. If you currently live off the mains gas grid, you are likely to be eligible for this grant and subsequently the domestic RHI. Please contact EnergyMyWay for more details.

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