Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps extract the heat from energy stored in the air and concentrate it for use in a heating system. They use the same technology found in air conditioning systems using heat exchangers and compressors. They are a very efficient source of energy (approx 300% efficient), and can be installed as the primary heating source, or used in conjunction with an existing boiler system. If you have an Air Source Heat Pump installed by an MCS accredited installer such as EnergyMyWay you will be able to claim cash back through the Governments Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme.

Air Source Heat Pumps are becoming an increasingly popular way of heating properties and creating hot water. An Air Source Heat Pump consists of an external unit which looks similar to an air conditioning unit and are sited outside of the property. The units come in a brushed steel finish or can be vinyl wrapped or put behind a hit and miss fence to limit the visual impact of the units. The external unit has a fan which draws the air into it, which passes through a compressor and heat exchanger. The heat from the heat exchanger is used to create hot water, which is stored in a buffer tank until it is needed for either heating or hot water.

Substantial rewards for property owners using Air Source Heat Pumps

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) gives property owners financial rewards for installing renewable energy heating including Air Source Heat Pumps. Under the scheme, you will be paid for every unit of heat your Air Source Heat Pump generates as part of the government’s drive towards lowering carbon emissions in the UK.

Renewable Heat Incentive rates for Air Source Heat Pumps

The RHI tariff for Domestic Air Source Heat Pumps has been set at 7.3/kWh, paid to you for a period of 7 years, tax-free and index linked.

Example Financial returns from a DOMESTIC Air Source Heat Pump

This example demonstrates that your combination of bill savings and RHI payments will cover the cost of your Air Source Heat Pump installation over 7 years, after which you continue to enjoy cheaper bills and protection from future energy price hikes.


Who qualifies for Renewable Heat Incentive Payments?

Domestic property owners, landlords and self-builders now qualify for the RHI scheme.

Before accessing the RHI payments, we will need to ensure that you have undertaken a basic level of energy efficiency measures including loft insulation before your property is entitled to the RHI.  This is to ensure that the heat you generate from renewable energy is being used most efficiently in your property.

Every property is different which is why we always carry out a free survey of your property before recommending the right renewable energy technology and providing you with detailed pricing and returns.

To find out more about the RHI or to arrange a free survey contact your local EnergyMyWay, or call 0845 371 3181

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Air Source Heat Pumps work?

They take energy from the air using an Air Handling Unit. This box is situated outside and contains a large fan that draws air into the unit, transferring the energy in the air through large heat exchangers. From there, the process is the same as a Ground Source Heat Pump. They work like a fridge by moving energy from one place to another. For example, a bottle of wine brought from your local supermarket is at room temperature. If you put it in your fridge and wait a few hours it will be cold enough to drink. If you touch the back of your fridge during that time you will feel heat. The fridge has taken the low temperature energy out of the wine, compressed it up to a higher temperature and in effect has warmed the kitchen up slightly. By using the same process Heat Pumps remove solar energy stored in either the earth, air of water around your building, compress it to a higher temperature and transfer it into your central heating system and hot water tank.

Does the Air Source Heat Pump work all year round?

The system performs down to air temperatures of -20°c which means that they are more than suitable for installations within the UK. Hot water and Heating can be provided 365 days a year. The hot water is produced without the aid of electrical immersions and at 55°c is more than hot enough for baths and showers.

How energy efficient is a Air Source Heat Pump?

Well designed Air Source Heat Pump Systems can be over four times as energy efficient as the most efficient gas or oil boiler. Instead of burning a fuel and producing the associated emissions they simply move energy that already exists – stored energy in the air generated by the sun. If you compare their performance against solar panels fitted to roofs, ASHP’s can produce over six times more renewable energy.

Do Air Source Heat Pumps make a Noise?

They hum like a refrigerator, generally they are sited outside out of the way and you won’t notice the slight humming sound. The units we supply have had many years of research and development that has included noise and vibration minimization. We have taken great care in our development programme to ensure that people in the home do not hear the units.

How long do the Air Source Heat Pump units last?

Each Air Source Heat Pump is designed to operate for at least 20 years.

How much annual maintenance is required on an Air Source Heat Pump?

No annual maintenance is required.

Where are Air Source Heat Pumps located?

Ideally as close to the property as possible, the further away the more heat loss you can experience from the pipes and the less efficiently it will work. Our systems split the space heating and hot water heating so that it delivers the highest efficiency all year round (e.g. you don’t want to be running a large ASHP compressor in the Summer just to deliver hot water). The space heating unit is sited outside so that you have no refrigerant entering the house and no potential for the gas to escape into the property.

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