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Solar PV systems convert light into zero-carbon electricity and generate long term financial returns via the Feed-in Tariff.     Find out more  »
Air Source Heat Pumps extract the heat from energy stored in the air and concentrate it for use in a heating system. They use the same technology found in air conditioning systems using heat exchangers and compressors. They are a very efficient source of energy (approx 300% efficient), and can...     Find out more  »
Hot Water Heat Pumps are quiet, efficient, low maintenance heaters that can provide all the hot water you need by extracting heat from the air.     Find out more  »
Ground Source Heat Pumps work because the heat 1m below the surface level is a constant 8 to 12ºC depending on geographical location. Ground Source Heat Pumps extract the heat from the ground using a heat transference liquid which is then put through a compressor. This process raises the temperature....     Find out more  »
Biomass boilers are zero-carbon wood fuel boilers that directly replace existing boilers, delivering cheaper energy and earning revenue via the Renewable Heat Incentive.     Find out more  »
EnergyMyWay is an accredited installer of Kingspan Wind Turbines. Kingspan Wind Turbines (formerly Proven) have over 4,000 installations world wide and are well know in the industry as being a very robust reliable turbine. The Wind Turbines come in two different sizes from the KW3 and KW6 . The amount...     Find out more  »
The installation of a Solar Thermal array can provide up to 70% of the annual hot water needs of your property.     Find out more  »
If you want to maximise the use of the electricity your Solar PV system generates then you could consider using a solar power battery backup  system.  We are distributors and installers of the PowerRouter which is a system which stores the electricity you generate but don’t use during the day so that...     Find out more  »
If you want to maximise your return from your Solar PV array, why not use the electricity you’d be exporting to heat your hot water? The there are various immersion boosts designed to minimise the amount of electricity you export by diverting any excess generation to your immersion heater in...     Find out more  »
Lighting can make up a large proportion of your energy bills. We offer free Lighting Audits for commercial premises. By undertaking a Lighting Audit we can give you accurate running costs of existing lighting systems and provide a detailed report of how this can be improved. Typically, the best savings...     Find out more  »

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