Stylish Solar Power

Here are some of the best looking solar panels on the market

There are many positive reasons to choose Solar PV (photovoltaic) systems. They are efficient, green and can bring government financial incentives. But despite the benefits, people have sometimes been put off by the thought of how a solar system would change the appearance of their house.

Not any longer – now there are PV systems that can actually enhance both the look and the value of your property. Some come with a higher price tag, but some, like this ‘black on slate’ PV array, come as standard, so you can always find a Solar system that suits the look of your home.

Black on slate solar panels

Black on slate solar panels

Environmentally friendly, financially rewarding and attractive ? tick all the boxes!

EnergyMyWay can install Solar PV products that guarantee your home is both stylish and environmentally friendly, with systems that are discreet and state-of-the-art. What’s more, they are MCS accredited which means that you’ll qualify for the Government’s Feed-In Tariff (FIT) payments – so you’ll get to cut your energy bills alongside your carbon emissions. These government-backed incentives provide guaranteed long-term financial returns.

EnergyMyWay are approved installers for some of the country?s top Solar PV products, meaning they have the expertise and experience to provide you with a tailored energy solution.

Solar slates blend in perfectly with slate roofs

C21e Solar Slates integrated on a slate tiled roof

C21e Solar Slates integrated on a slate tiled roof

Solar slates are an award-winning product which are becoming hugely popular. Highly effective and economical, these photovoltaic tiles are durable, long-lasting and come with a 25 year power warranty. They can be integrated with existing slates, or can be used to cover a whole roof for maximum output and a seamless finish.

Clearline V30 panels integrated in a pitched tiled roof

Clearline V30 panels integrated in a pitched tiled roof

Solar panels that look like Velux windows

Whether your roof is covered in tile or slate these streamline Clearline Solar PV panels from Viridian look like Velux windows, rather than solar panels.

Clearline panels are ideal for new-builds, roof replacements or being retrofitted to an existing structure. These panels are strong enough to be fitted straight to battens to allow them to sit flush with the rest of the roof.

Roof-integrated solar PV sits flush with your tiles

Romag Roof Integrated PV system

Romag roof-integrated PV system

These can be used on slate or sloping tiled roofs and will produce energy for at least the next 25 years. These roof integrated PVs match with many conventional tiles to work in harmony with the look of your property. Popular and easy to fit, these PV tiles are cost effective, offering one of the highest power densities on the market. They are also a great choice if you are considering covering your entire roof – the next generation in solar energy.

Ground mounted Solar PV to make the most of your land

Roof-mounted PV systems won?t work for everybody, but you can also create a ground-mounted PV array. This product can be designed to fit your exact needs, in terms of energy requirements, available space and environmental impact.

EnergyMyWay knows that each customer is different, and will tailor every solution to individual requirements. You want solar panels that are good for the planet, but which look good too. You need renewable energy that is right for both you and your home, and which is functional, efficient and stylish.

Remember, EnergyMyWay is independent and not tied to any manufacturer, although we?re approved installers for all of these makes of Solar PV. So if you?re interested in modern, attractive solar panels, contact your regional office.

By: Louisa Stockley