New Solar Slates Improve the Aesthetics of Electricity Generation

Attractive solar panels to match beautiful Cheshire slate roofs.

Solar technologies have moved on leaps and bounds in recent times and there are now a range of solar panel designs which are guaranteed to match the look of your property in Cheshire  ? many new designs are now suitable for listed buildings, properties in conservation areas or where planning permission is required. So you no longer need to compromise the aesthetics of your property to benefit from renewable energy.

solar-slatesSolar Slates ? are designed to blend seamlessly into existing slate roofs, and are fitted in the traditional manner to slates so will sit flush within the existing roof for maximum transparency. As they actually replace the existing roof slates, if you are renovating or re-roofing your property you will even save on the costs of purchasing new or replacement slates.

The property below has solar slates already installed and is benefiting from solar power and reduced energy costs without compromising the natural beauty of the home.

solar-tilesSolar Tiles ? like solar slates solar tiles are designed to fit the aesthetics of your property and replace existing roof tiles but are larger and therefore more economical to purchase and install. The tiles sit flush with standard roofing slates, to provide a traditional finish. Protecting your home from the elements and producing power for your home. Designed to be installed as part of the roof works, the tile system fits ?straight out of the box? without the need for custom flashings or fillers. It is available in natural slate finish or even a terracotta finish. This listed building has solar tiles installed.

solar-thin-filmThin Film Technology, Solar Panels East CheshireThin Film Technology ? The next generation of solar panels will utilise the very latest ?thin film? technology incorporated between two sheets of glass enabling them to be extremely slim and potentially flush mounted for minimal visual impact. They are to solar panels the equivalent of what the flat screen TV is to the old cathode ray tube (CRT) TV?s.

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