Renewable energy incentives benefit rural business

Farmers and rural businesses can be better off by switching to renewable energy

Download our brochure to learn how EnergyMyWay can help landowners and rural businesses save money and how to make the right choice for you.

Download our brochure to learn how EnergyMyWay can help landowners and rural businesses save money and how to make the right choice for you.

With the cost of fossil fuels increasing year on year and the added burden of carbon emission taxes, there has never been a better time to move to renewable energy. For those living off the mains gas grid and relying on oil or LPG to run a rural commercial enterprise, changing to an environmentally friendly energy system isn?t just beneficial, it can also be very profitable.

At EnergyMyWay we see more and more rural businesses making the switch every year. Why? Because what is on offer is hard to beat. The Government?s Non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive offers generous subsidies that can provide much-needed extra income. Then there is also the fact that huge savings can be made on the cost of fuel as well as not having to pay taxes on carbon emissions.

What are some of the options?

Wood pelletsSystems like Biomass Boilers are ideally suited to rural businesses as wood pellets are up to 30% cheaper than oil.The Renewable Heat Incentive is generating returns for rural businesses installing Biomass Boilers, of up to 25% every year for 20 years. Biomass Boilers take up more space than a traditional boiler so you?ll need somewhere to store the wood chip pellets.

Ground mounted Solar PVground mount solar panels can also generate a healthy return from the Feed-in Tariff, and can be especially beneficial to those with a large area of land. You?ll be paid for all the energy that isn?t used by your business when it is fed back into the grid.

How much can I save?

It will all depend on the type of system you install. However, results from installations we?ve carried out are impressive. A typical commercial size Biomass Boiler can save up to 30% on your heating bills and earn you up to 25% return on your investment every year for 20 years.

What should I do next?

EMW brochure2EnergyMyWay are independent specialists. We pride ourselves on working with you to select the product that is right for you. In order to benefit from the RHI your system must be installed by an MCS  accredited installer, like EnergyMyWay.

We are a national company and have local offices throughout the country, so we provide the best of both worlds; the security of dealing with a large organisation and the personal service you get from working with locally based staff.

What?s more, we specialise in working in rural communities, we?re renewable energy partner with Mole Valley Farmers and have installed renewable energy systems for hundreds of rural businesses across the UK. We understand your needs and make it our business to ensure you get the best return on this fantastic investment.

If you are a farmer, landowner or rural business owner looking to understand your renewable energy options and earning potential, please call 0845 371 3181 or email

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By: Louisa Stockley