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Renewable Energy News


Government confirms new Feed-in Tariff rates from January 2016

Domestic Solar Panels

The Government has today published their response to the review of the Feed-in Tariff. Read the full document here. The new tariffs and cap system will begin on the 8th February. The current scheme will pause on 15th January, meaning that no new projects will be accredited during this time…

Feed-in Tariff cuts hypocritical in light of Paris agreement

On Saturday evening in Paris, 196 countries agreed a deal designed to limit global temperature rises to less than 2 degrees. This has sparked a strong reaction from UK industry about how the UK government has slashed support for renewables in recent months and how a complete policy change is needed…

Renewable Heat Incentive future secured in Autumn statement

Support for the Renewable Heat Incentive in the Autumn Statement The Chancellor’s Autumn statement on Wednesday provided some long-awaited reassurance concerning the future of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). The RHI has formed a central part in the Government’s carbon reduction policy, by incentivising investment in low carbon heating technologies…

Why you should install a Biomass Boiler by 1 April

Domestic Biomass Boilers

Biomass or Wood Pellet Boilers and the Domestic RHI The Domestic RHI is probably the best thing ever to happen to energy-conscious homeowners. It’s been a boon for kick-starting renewable heating adoption in UK homes, meaning cheaper energy bills forever, and freedom from reliance on the world’s oil and gas…

How do biomass boilers work? Watch our video

Domestic Biomass Boilers Subsidies

Watch our video of a real customer’s biomass boiler installation and learn about the benefits of biomass. Video transcript We are all very much aware of the rising costs of heating our home, and nowhere is this more of an issue than those areas that don’t have access to the…

Renewable energy incentives benefit rural business

Funding and Financing Whole-House Renewable Energy Commercial Biomass Boilers Commercial Ground Source Heat Pumps Commercial Solar Panels Domestic Biomass Boilers Domestic Solar Panels Subsidies

Farmers and rural businesses can be better off by switching to renewable energy With the cost of fossil fuels increasing year on year and the added burden of carbon emission taxes, there has never been a better time to move to renewable energy. For those living off the mains gas grid…