Choosing the right renewable energy solution for your school

Choosing the right renewable energy solution for your school

Which is the right electricity or heating system for your buildings? We can help your choose.

EnergyMyWay has worked with more than 50 schools up and down the country ? from modern to period buildings, varying greatly in size. We know that what works for one building might not for another, there are different types of renewable energy systems out there, and we make it our priority to find the best, most efficient, one for you.


Windhager BoilerA Biomass boiler uses wood pullets to generate hot water that can heat for your school. These pellets are sourced from fast-growing, carbon neutral crops so it?s an environmentally friendly way to produce heat. A biomass boiler can directly replace your current gas or oil boiler. And at up to 50% cheaper than oil, your school will be making huge saving even before the added benefits of the government incentives.

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Solar PV

Solar PV on Victorian houseSolar PV (photovoltaic) systems work by converting light energy into electricity to power your school. Any electricity that isn?t used can be fed back into the grid and generate an income for you via the Government?s Feed-in Tariff. So your school can generate energy more cheaply and receive payments on top.

Solar PV can provide electricity for your school with a 25-year warranty and require virtually no maintenance over its lifetime.

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Heat pumps

july-2013-email-air-sourceAir Source or Ground Source Heat Pumps extract the heat from energy stored in the air or under the ground. This is then concentrated in the pump and used to warm your school. It works in a similar way to an air conditioning unit but are far more energy efficient. Heat pumps installed by EnergyMyWay are also eligible for financial incentives through the Government?s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme.

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