Case Studies


Roof Integrated Solar PV for West Midlands Home

This West Midlands property was being extensively renovated, including a completely new roof. The owner wanted a roof-integrated Solar PV panel system to compliment the aesthetics of the property. Careful planning to maximise the size of the system was required due to the positioning of dormer windows, shading and limited roof space.

Solar Panels for Swansea home

This Swansea homeowner, viewed solar as ethical investment, which would provide a return whilst also supplying him with free electricity. He was also interested in monitoring the panels performance using a web portal. EnergyMyWay carried out a survey of the property and made recommendations on the most appropriate system.

Solar PV for Detached Garage in Staffordshire

This Staffordshire home owner approached EnergyMyWay wanting a high energy yield from Solar PV Panels, as the property’s electricity use was due to increase with other planned improvements. We recommended looking at a system that will contribute to hot water production as well as electricity, to give less reliance on the grid and to future-proof the property .

Roof Integrated Solar Tiles for attractive Cheshire Home

The owner of this rural property in Cheshire was attracted to the environmental benefits and financial returns of solar, but did not like the look of conventional solar panels.

As specialists in a wide variety of attractive solar solutions, EnergyMyWay were invited to review his plans for a new garage building he was developing and to propose a solution that was aesthetically pleasing and in keeping with the overall design of the building.

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