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Advice, not 'sales'

EnergyMyWay is different because we have no preconceived ideas about what’s right for you. Our local experts share a passion for renewables and care about finding the best, long-term solution for every property. Call 0845 371 3181

No strings, just the facts

During our visit we will evaluate your property and how you use it and then offer independent advice on the best renewable energy options, government incentives and potential cost savings.

We won’t try to sell you anything at all during your free survey. If you would like to ask us for a sales proposal after the survey then we will be happy to provide one but it won’t happen in your home or under any pressure.

  • Home surveys take about an hour
  • Your survey is done by a local EnergyMyWay expert
  • We listen to your objectives and look at your property and how you use it
  • We will give you impartial advice about what’s right for you
  • You can choose to request a full proposal after the survey
  • There is no hard sell and no pressure. Ever.

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